Sales Contract preparation and negotiation.
Terminal Contract preparation and negotiation.
Price Negotiation
Bidding, analysis and award.
Rail car scheduling
Contracting for independent labs, draft surveys, inspections, etc.

Sell the coke from your coker on the best terms.

Why choose Pet Coke Consulting?

The production of global petroleum coke, or pet coke as it is commonly called, is increasing rapidly because cokers produce higher yields of gasoline, jet and diesel from crude oil while at the same time allowing refineries to buy lower cost, heavier crudes. Pet Coke Consulting can help you sell your new coke by offering our real world direct experience at managing pet coke sales. We can tailor the sales contract and customize the sales strategy to suit your needs, including whether to sell direct to end users, or via reseller, and by spot or term. For existing cokers, we can advise on price negotiation strategies, represent you during a price arbitration, and/or conduct a review of your coke sales practices and strategies with the goal to assure the current practices and strategies are meeting your needs.

Buy Coke for your cement or power plant on the best terms.

The use of petroleum coke is making major inroads to traditional coal end users such as power plants and cement plants because of pet coke’s generally lower costs. Pet Coke Consulting can help you substitute coke for part of your coal supply by offering our comprehensive knowledge of the various qualities of coke available, advice on how these qualities might affect your operations, and the best purchasing strategy for your plants.

Pet Coke Consulting can similarly assist calcined coke sellers and buyers. We can help sellers prepare sales strategies and contracts, and help buyers, such as anode makers.

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