Phil Fisher spent over 30 years with Chevron in the refining and marketing areas. He spent 6 of those years as Manager of Chevron's byproduct sales which included, coke, sulfur and fuel oil

Detailed Experience

Phil Fisher’s pet coke related consulting experiences include an article in Coal Outlook magazine and a presentation in Prague to the Coal Trans conference regarding how pet coke affects the coal industry, assisting a new Venezuelan coker in a complex bid analysis, assisting an Irish cement company in finding new sources of pet coke supply, and assisting a US bulk handling and logisitics company in seeking more opportunities with US cokers. He also has looked for new sources of resid supply for a large US asphalt paving company, and helped with a global sulfur study.

While with Chevron, he managed the sales of pet coke from all of Chevron’s coking refineries which included El Segundo CA, Pascagoula, MS, and Salt Lake City UT. He also managed the sales of pet coke from Chevron’s El Paso refinery before the coker ceased operations, and from Chevron’s Port Arthur refinery which was purchased from Gulf and later sold to Clark Oil.

During this period, he wrote all of the new sales contracts, handled the bidding process, awarded the bids, conducted price negotiations and handled the myriad problems and opportunities associated with such sales. He also wrote the agreement with a new state of the art third party bulk handling terminal in Los Angeles, CA, managed the terminal agreement with the existing bulk handling terminal in Long Beach, CA, and managed the trucking agreement to move the coke from the El Segundo refinery to the terminals in Long Beach and Los Angeles.

The types of sales contracts varied from spot sales to 3 year term contracts with periodic price negotiations providing Mr. Fisher with extensive experience in recognition of market pressures, and dealing with pet coke resellers in both good times and bad.

The qualities of coke at Chevron varied significantly: including low metals anode grade, and both low and high sulfur fuel grade coke. This exposed Mr. Fisher to the broad range of end users and to the reseller community. During his tenure, he saw all aspects of the coke sales industry from quality, production, storage, loading, shipping, environmental effects and changes in end users. He experienced several coke price cycles and their associated changes in end user interest level.

Prior to his experience with pet coke, Mr. Fisher served as short range operations planning manager for Chevron’s 5 western refineries. This involved supervising the crude and product planners who were coordinating crude purchases, product exchanges, and the refinery production with marketing sales forecasts. This also included scheduling pipelines for product delivery to terminals.

Prior to the planning assignment, he held various positions in business and strategic planning, investment analysis, and operations and capital budgeting for Chevron’s US marketing network.

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